11 November 2021

How to choose the right KPIs for your sheep enterprise

20 October 2021

Recent advances in our understanding of CODD webinar

20 October 2021

New approaches to parasite control to improve livestock and soil health

20 October 2021

Integrated farming strategies to improve farm health and performance webinar

20 October 2021

Latest research on ewe longevity data review webinar

14 October 2021

Cattle vets are being called on to spearhead efforts to populate the new national Medicine Hub with farm antibiotic data

20 September 2021

There are just seven-weeks to go until the 2021 Sheep Breeders Round Table (SBRT), online event takes place this year between Monday 15 and Friday 19 November.

7 September 2021

Improving cow tracks and infrastructure are helping the Tucker family improve their business and prepare for the future

6 September 2021

When it comes to raising the profit margin, AHDB’s new campaign ‘Maternal Matters’ brings the focus away from carcase traits and back to the maternal performance of the suckler cow.

17 November 2021

Using EID tags is a lot easier than you might think, and they can make your job a lot more efficient.

2 November 2021

Anthelmintic resistance can be detected in flocks in a number of ways

13 October 2021

Benefits of integrating sheep on arable rotations