29 September 2022

How we manage suckler cows during pregnancy can have a big impact on calf lifetime performance.

1 August 2022

Tickets now on sale for Sheep Breeders Round Table – a Premier conference for UK sheep farmers

11 November 2022

UK sheep genetics delivering for the nation

19 July 2022

Our updated online bull search makes finding dairy sires quicker and easier

27 June 2022

Sexed dairy semen dominates as the preferred choice for breeding on dairy farms

7 June 2022

Find out how reducing the number of older sows in the herd and tightening up the parity profile has proved an important shift for a producer

6 June 2022

Find out how one producer has increased the number of piglets weaned by an average of 1.5 pigs per litter over the past four years.

6 June 2022

Find out how a strict policy to cull sows at parity five can lead to reduced waste and reduced costs without cutting standards or performance.

25 May 2022

A project to identify how sheep breeds are evolving to better cope with the challenges of climate change has been carried out as part of the joint AHDB and BBSRC Initiative: Enabling the agricultural transition to net-zero.

23 May 2022

Following two years of covid restrictions which led to 2021’s online format, the Sheep Breeders Round Table (SBRT) are delighted to be back delivering their popular in-person conference this November, and you’re invited!

10 May 2022

RamCompare’s year six results demonstrate how rams with key breeding traits can optimise flock profitability.

8 June 2022

One of the key objectives for Beef & Lamb Monitor Farmers, G Sordy & Sons, is to build farm resilience. To do this they are working to reduce costs, without compromising animal performance.