4 August 2021

The GB EU-spec SPP nudged up another 0.03p in the week ending 31 July

4 August 2021

In this long-term outlook, our Head of Environment Jon Foot discusses his thoughts on how farming carbon may become key for farming businesses in future.

3 August 2021

EU pig prices are beginning to weigh on the SPP

2 August 2021

Animal welfare is claimed to be one of the most important factors for consumers when choosing meat products, after other considerations such as appearance and price.

30 July 2021

We have just published our latest outlook for the UK pig meat market, where we explore our forecasts for slaughter, consumption and trade for 2021.

2 August 2021

Over the past year, premium private label sales have been well supported by consumers, with more people reaching for these products on shelves than the previous year.

2 August 2021

The foodservice market was worth £9.4bn in the last quarter, up 116% on last year, but still 23% down on 2019

30 July 2021

Tom Forshaw looks at the contentious issue of food standards in future trade deals and why media attention might be focusing on the wrong things.

29 July 2021

A series of webinars hosted by the retail and consumer insight team in October and November. Sign up now.

25 November 2021

The AHDB Retail & Consumer Insight team will examine some of the key industry reputational issues impacting consumer demand.

21 October 2021

The AHDB Retail & Consumer Insight team will be taking you through how meat purchasing and consumption is evolving with COVID-19