Weekly Average Price Survey

Updated weekly
Please note that AHDB will cease production of the Weekly Average Price Survey (WAPS) on 02 July 2021. The Board has made the decision to wind down all potato activities and minimise expenditure while waiting for Ministers to decide on the future of AHDB Potatoes. This follows the result of the potato ballot where growers voted to discontinue the statutory levy. This web page and dashboard will not be updated after this date. If you have any questions please contact potatoes.mi@ahdb.org.uk.
The Weekly Average Price Survey (WAPS) provides an industry benchmark price for all potatoes. The prices show the overall price of all potatoes traded in the week prior (Monday-Sunday) as well as the average of the free-buy prices.

Additional information

What is WAPS?

The Weekly Average Price Survey is a key part of AHDB Potatoes price reporting. It is a survey which produces indicators of the week by week direction of ex-farm prices.

Survey outputs

The survey provides two average prices (in £ per tonne) which are defined as follows:-

  1. GB weekly average price  – an average of free-buy and contract purchases bought direct from growers in the past week across all market sectors

  2. GB weekly free-buy price – an average of free-buy purchases only bought direct from growers in the past week across all market sectors

The outputs are published on the website and in the Potato Prices email - a regular publication giving both the prices and commentary. Potato Prices is available to all, via the AHDB Potatoes website, and to a subscription list on email. To join the mailing list, click here.

Survey sample

A sample of 22 purchasing companies, including grower groups, provide volume and value data relating to free-buy and contract purchases made from growers.

Annual audits

Due to the importance placed on the data, AHDB Potatoes periodically reviews the systems used so as to ensure reliability and credibility of output.
The following guidelines are applied by all audited purchaser contributors so as to ensure a consistent approach WAPS guidelines.