Potato Lifting Progress

Please note that AHDB will cease production of any GB potato supply information on 02 July 2021. The Board has made the decision to wind down all potato activities and minimise expenditure while waiting for Ministers to decide on the future of AHDB Potatoes. This follows the result of the potato ballot where growers voted to discontinue the statutory levy. This web page and dashboard will not be updated after this date. If you have any questions please contact potatoes.mi@ahdb.org.uk.
Use our interactive tool below to discover lifting progress across Great Britain. You can also select regional detail to see the latest update for lifting in your local area. Progress is reported against total area of surveyed regions, including earlies but excluding seed.


Up to 10 November, an estimated 96% of the national potato area (including both early and maincrop potatoes) had been lifted. The main areas of crop left to lift are in the East of England, where 2,100ha of the national area remains unharvested. There are also small areas in the other production regions (less than 500ha). Wetter conditions in WE03 November caused delays in several regions, notably in the East of England where lifting was stop/ start. This remained until the drier weather in WE10 November allowed rate of progress to increase, with large areas cleared. The period of dry weather in WE10 November allowed some of the wet pockets that had been left in fields unharvested to drain, and many farmers were then able to return and lift these patches of crop.

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