Potato agronomy and technical resources

Tools, resources and publications to help you manage your growing potato crop.

For storage resources, see ahdb.org.uk/storage-hub

You can hear more about our technical work at our regional and digital events, or via our specialist technical newsletters. Sign-up for our quarterly agronomy newsletter below, to hear about all the latest research and field trial results. We also have a monthly storage newsletter and printed magazine for the arable sector three times a year.

Potato crop protection

£1.2m spent on crop protection research, forecasting and monitoring over the last 3 years. The levy funds essential national aphid monitoring and forecasting tools, and updated best practice as part of the National Aphid and Virus Forum plan

Crop protection tools

The levy funds Blightwatch, Fight Against Blight and British involvement in the Euro blight programme providing early warning of aggressive and resistant strains

Desiccation and harvest

Since 2018 we have spent £105,000 on field trials on desiccation, providing clear guidance on haulm destruction without diquat. Use the resources below to access the findings from that work - including webinar recordings, articles and video.

Key contacts

Your Potatoes Knowledge Exchange Team

The Knowledge Exchange (KE) team via your local KE Manager is your first point of call. The team is dedicated to helping you access our research, tools and events:

North West and North East

Image of staff member Graham Bannister

Graham Bannister

Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager - Potatoes

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Image of staff member Richard Meredith

Richard Meredith

Interim Head of Arable Knowledge Exchange

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East Anglia and South East

Image of staff member David Wilson

David Wilson

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Potatoes

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East Midlands

Image of staff member Amber Barton

Amber Barton

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Potatoes

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Wales, West Midlands and South West

Image of staff member Alex Wade

Alex Wade

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Cereals & Oilseeds

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Knowledge transfer and research contacts

This team manage AHDB's research projects on your behalf, and pick out the key conclusions and recommendations ready for publications, webpages, field trials and events.

Image of staff member Antonia Walker

Antonia Walker

Senior Knowledge Transfer Manager - Potatoes

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Image of staff member Anne Stone

Anne Stone

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Potatoes

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Image of staff member Sue Cowgill

Sue Cowgill

Crop Protection Senior Scientist: Pests

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Image of staff member Alice Sin

Alice Sin

Resource Management Scientist

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