Meet the team - Dairy

Learn more about your dairy team. Your regional Knowledge Exchange Manager is your first point of contact and will be happy to take a call from you on any dairy related topic.

For more specific enquries about the detail of our work, you can find contacts from our specialist teams, such as market information and technical, below.

Regional Knowledge Exchange Managers


Karen O'Callaghan Lowe

Head of Ruminant

Nic Parsons

Head of Dairy Development

North East & North West

James Hague

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Dairy

East & West Midlands & East Anglia

Stephen West

Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager - Dairy

Emily Collins

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Dairy

Shirley Macmillan

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Dairy

South East & South West

Becky Miles

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Dairy

Kate Harris

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Dairy

Sarah Hurford

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Farm Business

Bryan Nicholson

Knowledge Exchange Manager - Dairy


Delyth Lewis-Jones

Head of Dairy Development Wales - Pennaeth Datblygu Llaeth Cymru

Teaghan Tayler

Knowledge Exchange Senior Manager Wales Uwch Rheolwr Cyfnewid Gwybodaeth Cymru

Jamie McCoy

Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager - Dairy


Doreen Anderson

Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager - Dairy

Sophie Brewster

Knowledge Exchange Manager (Dairy -Scotland)

Research and technical

Mandy Nevel

Head of Animal Health and Welfare

Jenny Gibbons

Senior scientist: dairy

Derek Armstrong

Lead Veterinary Science Expert

Siwan Howatson

Animal Health & Welfare Scientist (Grass & Forage)

Martina Dorigo

Dairy Scientist: Nutrition

Lorna Gow

Health and welfare scientist

Jon Foot

Head of Environment & Resource Management

David Ball

Environment & buildings senior manager

Genetics and genomics

Marco Winters

Head of Animal Genetics

Fern Pearston

Animal genetics manager

Market Intelligence

Patty Clayton

Lead Analyst - Dairy

Katherine Jack

Analyst - Dairy

Bronwyn Magee

Trainee Analyst

Charlie Reeve

Analyst - Livestock

Knowledge Transfer

Sophie Miller

Knowledge Transfer Manager - Dairy

Dairy strategy director

Paul Flanagan

Strategy Director Dairy / Scotland