KPI Express: – farm performance review tool

Use our KPI (key performance indicator) tool to help you quickly see how well your farm is performing, find areas for improvement and identify potential solutions.

Why is it important to review your farm’s performance?

Understanding how well your business is performing enables you to recognise what’s running well and tackle any areas in need of improvement.

Our KPI Express tool is a great starting point to quickly see how well you’re doing against our simple set of key performance indicators for dairy, beef, sheep and cereals farms.

The results will show how you compare against other farms, highlight resources to help you improve and enable better decision-making for any potential changes.

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The benefits of using KPI Express

  • Quickly identify areas for improvement
  • Compare your performance against the top 5%, 25% and average farms
  • Get resources and case studies to help you improve
  • Set up takes just a few minutes using readily available figures
  • Choose to review one or more KPI at a time

Your KPI Express report

Reports show how you score against industry targets, compare with other farms and highlights resources and case studies to help make improvements.

See an example KPI report Learn more about KPI Express reports

What are key performance indicators?

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are summary figures that help you manage your farm by showing, at a glance, the current success of your business activties. For farms, this could be a mix of technical and financial measures.

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