From soil health to slurry storage, our resources can help you to make your business more productive, and more profitable, while lowering your carbon emissions and impact on the environment.  

Sustainable farming

With the UK Government’s plan to replace Single Farm Payments with new Sustainable Farming Incentives, the environment will become central to all farms over the next few years. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to make the environment a primary focus area within your business plan. 

There are several ways you can manage and improve the environment, many of which could save you money and make your business more productive. Explore our information below for more details.


Find out more about current legislation around carbon emissions and the goals set by government. We've also got information on carbon footprints and a handy decision tool for cereals and oilseeds growers.

Soil management

Helping you protect your soil and improve its productivity.

AHDB funds an extensive programme of research and knowledge exchange on soil management. We've got plenty of practical information and guidance on soil management to support you.

Visit the GREATsoils page

Crop nutrient management

Being economically and environmentally sustainable.

Crop nutrient management helps you make the most of organic materials and balance the benefits of fertiliser use against the costs – both economic and environmental.

See our Nutrient Management Guide (RB209)

Slurry storage

Reducing costs, adding value and protecting the environment.

Our tips and tools are designed to help you make sure that the slurry store on your farm is practical, safe, and legally compliant.

Find out more about slurry storage

Feed Conversion Ratio in pigs

The cost of feed is a major contributor to the cost of production.

Effective reduction in the feed conversion ratio (FCR) offers financial savings and significantly reduces the carbon footprint of pork production. 

Learn more about the factors affecting FCR

Further resources

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AHDB works with levy payers, policy makers and others in the food supply chain to improve agriculture’s environmental impact and overall sustainability. While demonstrating that environmental efficiency can also bring with it economic opportunities.

We support our farmers with the evidence and tools to inform their business decisions, and help build capacity to deliver safe, secure, and sustainable food within a healthy and diverse landscape.