Seed potato exports

Seed potatoes produced in Great Britain are considered to be some of the best in the world.

With support from expert scientists and breeders in the industry, GB has highly specialised and innovative production systems to ensure high-quality and high-yielding potato crops. Customers of British seed can be confident that they are buying and growing seed that has been produced by experts under the best possible conditions.

Safe Haven Certification Scheme

Seed classification

Export markets

British seed and advanced variety availability has been helping growers around the world for decades to produce high-vigour, healthy and marketable crops. We now have access to over 50 countries worldwide, Egypt and Morocco still remain the largest importers, importing a combined 75,000 tonnes in 2018. 

Recent successes have seen GB seed approved in China and Kenya. China is the world’s largest potato consumer, with a high demand for chips and crisps. The UK has an opportunity to trade 100,000 tonnes of seed potato varieties used to make these processed products.

Access to Kenya was granted last year after two seasons of trials and great performance. Potatoes are the second most important food crop after maize, with 2-3 million tonnes of potatoes grown annually.


AHDB at overseas trade events

Working in partnership

AHDB Potatoes’ export team works closely with exporters, Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture (SASA), Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) and industry on a range of official, technical and advisory issues concerning seed and seed exports, with the overall aim of facilitating the export of British seed potatoes.

The partnership with buyers and plant health authorities in export markets to ensure that their seed potatoes meet strict phytosanitary regulations and customer requirements. British-bred varieties undergo trials to assess their suitability for particular markets and climates to be listed on approved national variety lists.

For more information on seed potatoes from GB, view the brochure below.

Seed potatoes from GB