UK processors data

Updated 17 December 2019

This information shows the number and size of UK enterprises buying ex-farm milk, and those producing dairy products. The data comes from a Defra survey, which takes place every three years.

Overview - 2018

  • Around 70% of the UK’s annual milk intake is processed by 9 companies.
  • Enterprises processing less than 5,000 tonnes of milk each per annum account for 40% of the total number of enterprises. However, they process less than 0.4% of the annual milk intake.
  • In the cheese market, around 93% of output in the UK comes from 17 companies.
  • In the butter market, enterprises producing less than 100 tonnes per year account for 57% of the total number of enterprises. However, they only account for 0.3% of total butter production.

Additional information

Note: numbers of companies exclude direct sellers.

For the full UK processors data visit the Defra website