UK monthly milk deliveries

Updated 11 June 2021

Monthly wholesale milk deliveries to dairies in the UK, GB and NI regions are reported here. Information on milk solids production is also available in the downloadable file.

Please note that February 2020 production in the graph is based upon 29 days

Additional information

Data is not butterfat adjusted

*Monthly milk production figures are estimated by AHDB from daily milk delivery survey data and therefore may differ from the milk production figures published by Defra

Monthly and annual totals are not adjusted for leap years.

Daily deliveries are collected from the larger UK dairy companies and are scaled to reflect 100% of deliveries using the Defra monthly production figure for the latest available month. The monthly figure is therefore an estimate based on latest information and is subject to retrospective changes.

Milk solids production is calculated by taking the monthly milk production in tonnes and multiplying it by the combined % composition of fat and protein in the milk. E.g. for 4% butterfat and 3.5% protein, the milk production figure would be multiplied by 7.5% to get the milk solids production.

Defra UK milk production

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UK milk deliveries UK milk solids production