Milk forecasting forum

Updated 23 March 2021

Milk production is a fundamental driver of market dynamics in Great Britain. We hold a milk forecasting forum twice a year, where representatives from across the industry debate, analyse and discuss the key factors influencing production. Here you can find the latest information shared with the group.


The AHDB Milk Forecasting Forum (MFF) met on the 2 March to discuss the factors impacting on future GB milk production. These included: 

  • Recent trends in herd size and milk yields
  • Whether the 2020 spring flush troubles will be repeated
  • What’s driving feed prices and how they might move

To find out more, please download the milk forecasting forum information pack below

We will be updating our production forecast later this month (March 2021)

Milk forecasting forum information pack

GB milk production forecast - March 2021

According to our March forecast, GB milk production is expected to reach 12.59bn litres in 2021/22, up 0.4% (50m litres) on where we expect 2020/21 to end.