EU farmgate milk prices (incl. organic)

Updated 12 May 2021

The EU farmgate milk prices are the average prices paid to farmers in the in the EU on a euro per 100kg basis, converted to a sterling pence per litre. The standard litre price for organic milk is also available for selected EU Member States. These figures are updated every month.

EU farmgate milk prices

EU organic farmgate milk prices

Additional information

Farmgate milk prices

  • All prices have been converted into pence per litre using the average exchange rate in the month.
  • * Figures are DG Agri estimations.
  • ** Figures are estimated prices by the Member State.
  • *** Figures are estimations based on national statistics.
  • c = confidential.
  • The EU average for 2020 and 2021 excludes the UK.
  • The weighted average EU milk price graph for 2020 and 2021 excludes the UK.

Organic farmgate milk prices

  • Organic farmgate price data is very limited, with no data available for the UK. Standard litre prices are available for France, Germany, Austria and Belgium. Please note the Belgium data has not been updated as the latest data is under review.
  • The standard litre quoted for France is different to the standard litre for the other countries. 
  • † Provisional

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EU farmgate (incl. organic) milk prices (DG Agri figures) EU farmgate milk prices (LTO figures)