GB deadweight cattle prices by region

Updated weekly
This survey aims to provide a weekly overview of the prices paid for deadweight cattle for the most common classifications on the EUROP grid, collected from a sample of abattoirs across Great Britain.

Additional information

All abattoirs in Great Britain slaughtering more than 20,000 adult cattle each year contribute to this survey. The data is collected weekly and published by Wednesday for the previous week (Sunday to Saturday). Each plant provides the price and weight as well as the fat class and conformation of each individual steer, heifer, young bull or cow procured deadweight.

The ‘Overall Price‘ and ‘Numbers‘ shown include all classifications on the EUROP grid.

The prices shown are in pence per kilogram and based on a UK dressing specification. They include all animals slaughtered regardless of scheme, breed or organic status and represent the average payable for the animal upon delivery to the abattoir, before deductions (e.g. procurement, transport, insurance, inspection, levy or any other below the line charges.  Please note, a below the line deduction is small and insignificant compared to the value of the carcase.

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