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12 October 2021

Library of research reports on blackleg and soft rots in potatoes

19 August 2021

Strategies to slow the selection of late blight genotypes with decreased sensitivity to fungicides

19 August 2021

Fungicide efficacy (2003-2005) for the management of late blight in potatoes

19 August 2021

Integrating variety resistance and fungicides for late blight management in potatoes

16 September 2021

Practical advice on the management of late blight in potatoes, last updated in 2013.

18 August 2021

Proficiency testing (2015) of GB laboratories offering PCN testing services

18 August 2021

2006 Review of information on free-living nematode vectors of TRV in potatoes

17 August 2021

Review of global levels of adoption of lean management in agricultural and horticultural businesses

12 August 2021

Potatoes IVT annual reports

1 September 2021

A list of blight research reports

19 August 2021

Advice on the control and management of late blight in potato crops

26 August 2021

Routes of Pectobacterium atrosepticum (Pba) contamination of high-grade seed potatoes