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24 September 2021

Liming in September is standard practice to ensure good germination of an autumn reseed. But grazing managers need to remember that calcium* is needed on the platform throughout the growing season.

27 September 2021

A recent survey conducted by AHDB reveals that farmers are planning for their winter forage supplies earlier than last year. Sixty-six per cent of farmers who responded to the survey had good forage stocks, and only 31% were short of grass silage. Fewer farmers have forward bought straw compared to last year, although they have concerns for future straw availability, price and managing cash flows.

17 September 2021

ruumi, a new digital platform, is building technology to help farmers get more out of from grazed grass.

17 September 2021

Charlie Russell is Estate Factor and Farms Manager for Glenapp – a rural business near Stranraer where one of the challenges is usually to cope with over 1,500 mm annual rainfall, and this year turned into coping with a six-week drought.

27 September 2021

Better production and utilisation of grass and forage provides an opportunity to reduce costs and optimise profits on any livestock farm, and the key to success is to learn from other farmers’ experiences and expertise.

20 August 2021

Tips for getting the best out of grassland this autumn

6 August 2021

Use the clover content assessment stick to help you estimate the clover content in your pastures and assess nitrogen (N) supply.

12 August 2021

This article looks at how you manage your grassland

12 August 2021

This article is about managing herbal leys

4 August 2021

This planner will you you manage you grassland over the autumn period.

3 August 2021

Well-managed grassland provides the cheapest feed throughout the year, either as grazed grass or silage. Making the most of grass on your farm offers a huge opportunity to increase profits in a sustainable way.

14 July 2021

From seedbed preparation to post-establishment management, follow these tips for the successful establishment of herbal leys.