Mark Willcox

AHDB Potatoes Board Member

Mark Willcox is Technical Director at Branston Ltd. He is responsible for food safety, compliance and quality from field to shelf-edge for potatoes as well as overseeing sweet potatoes as a whole. Mark is also a director of APS Biocontrol Ltd, an innovative biocontrol business based in Scotland.

Mark joined Branston in 2003 following the successful implementation of Lean Manufacturing at the Lincoln site by McKinsey & Company. Having rolled out 'Lean', he spearheaded a number of other strategic initiatives, including founding the Prepared Foods division and implementing carbon footprint reductions.

Before joining McKinsey, Mark spent eight years working in senior management at BMW Group, with roles in purchasing and manufacturing at Land Rover’s Solihull plant. He has a PhD in Engineering and a BSc in Physics.

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