Kim Parker

Crop protection scientist: diseases

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Kim has worked for AHDB for four years and has 20 years’ experience of the UK horticulture industry. With a PhD in plant pathology, Kim worked for ADAS from 2000 doing applied research on crop diseases with a focus on field vegetables and protected edibles before joining AHDB in 2016 as a research manager and crop protection scientist.

As manager for AHDB’s Protected Edibles & Mushroom Panel, Kim oversees new and ongoing work for this sector and also contributes to the ToBRFV (tomato virus) steering group. In her role as research manager for asparagus, carrots, herbs, leafy salads and watercress, she talks regularly with individual levy payers, their agronomists and grower associations to determine industry needs and to commission and manage research projects to address priorities for these crop groups.

In her role as a crop protection scientist with a focus on diseases, Kim’s aim is to ensure that AHDB addresses ongoing and emerging disease problems with a combination of approaches through from EAMU approvals to longer-term research that can provide more sustainable management solutions.

Kim finds seeing levy payers working closely with our contractors helping to steer the research that we commission on their behalf as the most rewarding part of her role, alongside seeing the knowledge gained or techniques/tools developed being put into practise for the benefit of the industry.

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